Project Description

The installation “Once upon a time … Part 9 Unkel goes to Venice” was created in the Palmenhaus in Unkel. As part of the Biennale 2019 I designed a facade of the GAA Foundation, the installation was inspired by the installation “Löwenburg” in Unkel.

The vision is: “Once upon a time…” Like a fairy tale, it should continue in ever new parts, based on past, present, future and in close interaction with the environment I have chosen for it. It starts in the future and ends today. It tells of trees, nature, light and seasons, our history, our buildings and poses questions!



“Es war einmal … Part 10 … Unkel goes to Venice – is sponsored by the Entwicklungsprogramm EULLE with European Union and the Bundesland Rheinland-Pfalz.