Project Description

 “… once upon a time … ”
Wire on metal not zinc plated; 4 m x 4 m

Bad Godesberg, Katharinenhof 2015

14. June 2015 at Katharinenhof, Vennerstr.51 Bonn-Bad Godesberg
The association TheRhineArt e.V. donates the prize “The RhinePrize” to honor outstanding artistic design in the outdoor area. The artistic work in the outer space does not arise solely from the inner inspiration, but poses itself to communication with the outside world in space, nature and architecture. This particular communicative quality of outdoor sculpture is to be honored with “TheRhinePrize”.


  • Dr. Markus Lüpertz
  • Dr. Oliver Kornhoff/ArpMuseum
  • Prof. Klaus Honnef
  • Prof. Klauke
  • Walter Smerling
  • Konrad Beikircher

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So, chicken wire, that is:

Signs of limitation, restriction, line,
fence, deprivation of liberty. Landmark of any better garden. How many sentient beings must be living their lives in front of such a kind of fence? How many people of our age as well?
Visionary, I saw a huge metallic shimmering body that landed from the sky. Maybe to bring hope and help to our planet? Like a cloud, this body staged the forest clearing I was formally standing in front of. Its surface reflects the light and makes the body appear always different. Standing on its legs, the shimmering body is swaying in the wind and playing with light sparkling like a spaceship from the future.